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A wonderful story about the power of community support. 


A CG Animated Short where a community of park pigeons, and their old men pals, come together to help one of their own get through a great loss. 


It's a morning like any other, as 6 pigeons meet at the park garden just before 6am. The majority can barely contain their excitement with each tick of the second hand. Yet one of them, Rocky, seems to have a chip on his shoulder. 


The clock strikes 6, and 5 old men come blazing - eh, slowly - down the road towards the park benches. They sit and unleash the glorious bird seed. The pigeons all swoop down in a frenzy, except Rocky. 



It seems the bench in front of him is empty. Perhaps his attitude has left him without a companion. Then again, perhaps there's much more going on under the surface. 



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