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DMITRY MILKIN - Director/ Producer


“I seek to make entertaining films with socially conscious themes. I call it hiding the peas in the mashed potatoes.”


Dmitry Milkin was born in St. Petersburg, Russia and immigrated to the US, as a refugee, a year after the fall of communism . Watching movies and cartoons helped him learn English and sparked his love for story.  Like many immigrants in search of work, Dmitry’s family moved several times during his childhood, allowing him to become a new person at every school - fusing in him a sense for journey as a concept of character change.    


Dmitry graduated from Emerson College with a BA in film and moved to LA to work at Warner Bros. Studios as an assistant at Roserock Films.


He eventually settled in San Francisco, where he applied his passion for socially conscious storytelling with the animated short film Curpigeon - a film designed to help children cope with grief in a time where tragedy seems to be all around. The film’s message focuses on the power of  community support and that “all around are friends.” 

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